The Female Rage is an exhibition that focuses on the infuriating power of women’s anger throughout history to the modern day. Inspired by the rebellious story of Medusa through her rape and subsequent punishment to Rebecca Traister’s memories of being a ignored as a female news anchor. The female is expected to be silent and graceful through trauma, thus crafting a more palatable flavor for the rest of society.
    Anger is one of the most effective and unexpected means to get the attention of men, bringing to mind the influence of suffragettes and the March for Life. Femininity should not be a weakness, nor should it bring to mind ideas of a lesser sex, a mere punching bag for the rest of society.
    The monstrous feminine in cinema, a concept explored by Barbara Creed, alludes to popular horror imagery in The Exorcist and Dracula, exploring the idea of the vagina dentata and fears of the woman as both castrated and castrator.
    Rage is ugly, and when the significance of a woman is weighed on beauty, a furious woman is worth nothing. She is mocked and ridiculed, called “bossy” or a “killjoy” in the case of Sara Ahmed. This exhibition aims to embolden women who are passionate and kindle the next generation of powerful women who have a place to put their rage at last.